Ok, so we got an email late last night that said, “The apple 5th avenue store is closing tommorow from 1pm-9am which is the longest closing of the store in history, The Iphone is being released Friday May 30th at 9am and is being announced at the 5th avenue store at that time, when alerted of the event we were told that we must be held to strict confidentiality, this directly explains the depleted stock that has taken the US by storm. Do not regard this as fake information, and please keep my email address confidential I only share this information because i love your blog and feel that yours would be the best to release the information on, I am highly regarded in the corporation and cannot afford to lose my job.”

As you can see, we didn’t really take this seriously. One has to wonder though, with the 5th Ave Apple store actually being closed right now, does it give this tip some credibility? We can’t imagine an iPhone being released tomorrow without hearing anything more, but we figured we’d post this for informational purposes. Thoughts?