We’re not sure this was any mystery, but Motorola appears to be using "familiar tactics" as far as upcoming devices are concerned.  A few years ago Motorola issued something called a V3 RAZR. It was cool, it was thin and it was new. Shortly thereafter, a flurry of handsets began flying out of the Moto design labs. SLVR, RIZR, RAZR this and RAZR that, etc. Moto used the core design cues found on the RAZR and basically translated them to nearly every high-end handset it issued for a while. In fact, we’re still seeing similar handsets come through to this day. Next in line apparently, is the E8 ROKR design. The buttonless E8 design can be seen duplicated above on the upcoming L800t that we saw leaked a while back on the 2008 Motorola roadmap. The problem here? This new design isn’t popular. Yes it’s pretty cool, we’ll give them that, but it’s unproven to say the least. Isn’t it a bit soon to start the RAZR-esque redo of a redo of a redo loop?

[Via Engadget Mobile]