Thought we were done with HTC news for the day? Not a chance. After today’s press event we got a chance to spend a bit of quality time with HTC’s new Touch Diamond. While we were admittedly playing with a pre-production unit, we came away slightly…unimpressed. It’s a cool device to be sure, and the new TouchFLO 3D stuff looks great, but in practice, everything seemed to be moving about 3/4’s of a second behind each screen press. Slow motion was the name of the game. It’s thin, but not that thin, and did feel quite nice in the hand. That said, it’s not going to break any design records here. The most impressive part of the handset is, without question, the interface itself. The YouTube implementation is pretty impressive, and everything is really shiny, clear, and tastefully done. Let’s hope the laggyness was due to a non-final ROM. Hit the gallery for all the pics!

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