The browser market is something of a mess these days, with every imagine able company throwing their hat into the ring. The latest to take a stab at making the "perfect" browser is none other than AT&T. Yep, you read correctly. AT&T is making a web browser. Their new creation, currently called Pogo, just launched in private beta and is currently only available for the Windows platform. AT&T appears to be making an attempt at creating an entirely new browser here, with snapshot "cells" at the bottom of the page replacing standard Tabbed windows. According to early beta testers, the interface is visually appealing, but ultimately lacking in practical application, with the program slowing to a virtual halt after opening 2-3 different "cells". Things get a bit more promising, however, with Pogo’s History and Bookmark views. Both are represented visually in a sort of CoverFlow-esque gallery. Nice. That said, from the looks of things AT&T has a ton of work to do before Pogo is ready for general use, and the big question remains: does the world really need another browser?