Our trials and tribulations with the HTC shift over here at BGR world headquarters have been well documented. For all our frustration, however, we still think it’s one hell of an entry into the UMPC marketplace. While the GSM/HSDPA version of the machine has been floating around for quite some time, the CDMA version has been kept under wraps…until now. Amazon has posted a pre-order for the HTC Shift CDMA, which is available for early-order now at the low, low price of $1,499. There’s nothing to differentiate this from the GSM version, but at the end of the day, if CDMA/EV-DO is your flavor of choice, we would certainly recommend this bad boy. No word on exactly when this will ship, but given the limited quantities during the GSM launch, we’d certainly encourage you to move over there as fast as you can. We’ve had our hands on a Sprint-equipped version of this CDMA Shift for the past 2 weeks. A full review is forthcoming, but in the mean time, rest assured that the EV-DO radio on this baby is nothing to scoff at.