We damn near fell out of our seats when we learned that NASA didn’t burn billions of tax dollars developing space-grade portable media players. In fact, it looks like Nasa’s multi-billion dollar budget doesn’t even cover latest-generation iPods! The image above was pulled from a high res of the Space Shuttle Endeavor found on NASA’s site. It’s from a set taken by shuttle crewmembers during an active mission and posted to the site last week. This actually isn’t the first time we’ve all seen images of extraterrestrial iPods but Jobs must be happy that his player is still the tune box of choice for skyward missions. Towards the top of the full pic on the read link below, you can also see a pair of sunglasses hanging near a window at the top of the crew cabin. They don’t quite look like Moss Lipows but we’re sure anyone would look cool sporting them in space. So astronauts apparently enjoy looking suave while they float around up there, but what to you think they like to rock out to?

[Via Engadget]