Anorexia isn’t just a problem with models and teenage girls these days. Apparently the epidemic is spreading throughout the electronics world, and spreading fast. Apple, Toshiba, and others are vying to produce the world’s thinnest laptop, the title belt for the world’s thinnest mobile phone is always changing hands, and the television game is no different. Sharp has now claimed the prize, temporarily no doubt, with the announcement of its new line of AQUOS X LCD TVs. With a profile of 3.44cm and some fairly impressive specs, these sets are pretty hot. Beyond the dimensions, a contrast ratio of 15,000:1, 12-bit BDE and full 1080p should make for a terrific viewing experience. The largest model squeezes a 46-inch display into the ultra-thin frame and weighs in at a mere 38 pounds, yet it still thinks it’s fat when it looks in the mirror. Isn’t Sharp cheating a bit though? While this LCD TV is currently the thinnest of its kind, the tuner and I/O connections are actually housed in a separate external box. Whatever, it’s still one of the sleekest sets we’ve seen and gear freaks with a good amount of expendable income won’t have to salivate for very long; in Japan at least. Available in 37-inch ($3,290), 42-inch ($4,050) and 46-inch models ($4,510), the AQUOS X line is set to hit the streets of Japan in March. No word yet on availability or pricing in other regions. In related news, a jealous Snejana Onopka is reportedly purging twice as much since the AQUOS X’s announcement…

[Via SlipperyBrick]