One of the most hotly anticipated devices of 2007 was the HTC Shift. HTC’s first entry into the UMPC market is set to create some pretty significant waves, and our brief hands-on with the device today confirmed what we already knew — the Shift is one hot machine. Spec-wise, there’s nothing new to report on, just know that the little bugger will not disappoint. It’s a bit bigger than we expected, and definitely out-sizes the OQO 2, but in terms of functionality, this thing takes the cake. The keyboard is top notch and the sliding screen mechanism is like a bigger, more robust version of the HTC Tilt. Hit the gallery for some more shots, and try and contain the drooling until this beast actually drops. Ah, good point, no? It still hasn’t been released in Europe although HTC said it would be in December. This thing has been pushed back more times R. Kelly’s court dates, so there’s no telling when it will actually hit. Let’s hope it’s this month!

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