If our last post didn’t give you enough of a heads-up, we’re ready to go for another round! Thanks to a tipster, we got some confirmation on Verizon’s upcoming launches and are sharing all the release date tidbits with you. For starters, the updated LG Chocolate will launch in an addition light blue color on 11/21, with the LG VX8350 launching in red also on that day. Verizon’s G’zOne Type-S in black will see the general public on 11/15 along with a “burgundy / gold” cousin. The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is set for 11/1 with the LG VX5400 and Palm Treo 755p. All Samsung Jukes are up for grabs 10/21, the LG Venus appears on 11/4, and the craptacular Samsung SCH-i760 should finally be available on the 19th of this month! Full internal release image after the jump!

Thanks, Kevin Byrne!