The Internet was buzzing with a story that the upcoming AT&T BlackBerry 8820 would limit the built-in GPS functionality to only TeleNav. This meant that other GPS programs would not function. A couple examples would be BlackBerry Maps, or Google Maps. We recently spoke with TeleNav directly to try and find out the story. They didn’t have to much to say, because at the end of the day, they are not involved in those types of carrier matters, which is understandable. We have, however, received confirmation from an AT&T spokesperson who told us, “the GPS feature has not been locked on the BlackBerry 8820.” Whether or not this ever took place and was undone (we believe this was bogus from the beginning) is irrelevant at this point. BlackBerry 8820 hopefuls, rest assured you’ll be equals to your fellow BlackBerry 8800 friends, and soon to be BlackBerry 8310 friends.