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BlackBerry Pearl 9105 to feature T9 keypad?

We’re not exactly sure just what’s up with RIM and the next-gen BlackBerry Pearl, but damn it, now we are dying to get to the bottom of this. We thought we knew all >>

European MILESTONEs get 2.1 update as DROID users turn to nihilism

Congratulations, Verizon. You’ve been beaten by the bloody Europeans, those chain-smoking hipsters with complicated shoes and shocking inability to pronounce Barack Obama’s name. They’re now enjoying the goodness that is Android 2.1 while >>

Hello Galileo, European GPS system to go live in 2010

The Galileo navigation satellite project has been in the works for some time now in Europe, spearheaded mainly by the drive to mitigate reliance on U.S. foreign satellite guidance systems. Galileo will, in >>

Samsung Galaxy i7500 to hit O2 stores next week?

If a report from the hit or miss Register Hardware blog pan out, Samsung’s highly anticipated freshman Android offering could make its debut as soon as next week. According to the post, various >>

Europeans lower roaming charges, by legislation

Here in the United States, there are not legal limits on what carriers can charge for roaming, and things can get pretty pricey if you’re on a regional plan (which most people are >>