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Android isn't so hot in Europe, Nokia and Symbian still number one

Updated 4 years ago

Google still has a ways to go in Europe where Symbian reigns supreme. Although Europeans easily recognize the Google brand, Android itself is still pretty foreign to them. It’s not surprising since there aren’t many Android offerings there, but numbers are still below expectations. At the end of the third quarter, Android’s market share in Western Europe was at 5.4%. “The lack of devices available didn’t help to raise awareness, though this is expected to change, with more handsets from LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and other vendors hitting the market soon,” says IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo. Right now, Nokia and Symbian are still at the top spot for Western Europe, but Samsung is surprisingly getting close to overtaking Nokia. How many of our European pals out there are using Android devices?