Patent filing suggests Apple is close to bringing LiquidMetal to the iPhone

Apple LiquidMetal Patent Filing

While we still don’t know for certain whether the next iPhone will feature an indestructible LiquidMetal case, a new patent filing flagged by MacRumors suggests that Apple and LiquidMetal are drawing closer to incorporating amorphous metal alloys into Apple devices. Specifically, MacRumors notes that the patent proposes a solution to one of the main engineering challenges that Apple has faced with bringing LiquidMetal’s alloy to its products by describing “how molten BMG [bulk metallic glass] could be continuously poured onto a shallow bath of molten tin, where it would flow to form a sheet.” Of course, LiquidMetal iPhone rumors have been around for years now, so there’s no way of knowing just how close the two companies are to making amorphous metal Apple devices a reality.

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