RetroUI Download Windows 8

Microsoft’s (MSFT) new user interface in Windows 8 is apparently pretty scary. Early reviews of the new OS were overwhelmingly positive, but views soured as users grew frustrated with being forced to embrace the new tile-based user interface. Neophobes around the world were put at ease to an extent by the news that they could use a free utility called “Classic Shell” to bring their beloved Start buttons back to the Windows 8 desktop, and now a new utility allows users to ditch the new interface completely and stick with the Windows 7-like desktop view if they choose.

“Only specially written Metro-Apps run on the Metro desktop in Windows 8. So, in order to run thousands of ordinary business applications, users need to leave the Metro desktop and run the application from the classic Windows desktop,” said Anthony Clark, VP of Business Development at Thinix, the company behind the software. “RetroUI eliminates this inefficient back-and-forth problem by providing a way for users to login directly into the classic Windows desktop – skipping over all the unneeded Metro features.”

RetroUI is available for download immediately and costs $5 for a three-PC license. It’s a wonder we ever moved away from DOS.