The sequel to Dell’s supersized smartphone may have just skated through the Wi-Fi certification process. An unannounced Dell device recently received its credentials from the Wi-Fi Alliance, the body that ensures Wi-Fi-equipped devices meet the Wi-Fi spec. The device bears the model number M02M, which just so happens to be one digit north of the Streak’s model number M01M. For the time being, all we know about this potential Dell Streak 2 is that is includes support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n — the current Streak only supports Wi-Fi b and g. The rest is a mystery for the time being, though new info will undoubtedly begin to trickle out soon if a CES announcement is in the cards. The report also points out that this device could be the larger slate Dell is rumored to be prepping, the 7-inch Dell Looking Glass. The designation on the Wi-Fi certification is “smartphone,” however, so a Streak sequel is probably a more likely candidate.