T-Mobile plans to unleash blazing 21Mbps HSPA+ in mid-2010

t-mobile-logoT-Mobile might have been last in launching a 3G network in the U.S., but that hasn’t stopped it from moving right along. We had already known that T-Mobile was planning on lighting up its 7.2Mbps speeds in some cities by the end of 2009, but it looks like HSPA+ is kicking in just months later. Slated for mid-2010, a number of U.S. markets will have data speeds of up to 21Mbps on T-Mobile’s network. There are also a decent amount of handsets that will be able to take advantage of the 7.2Mbps kick, like the G1, CLIQ and the myTouch 3G, but we’re really looking for what T-Mobile has in store for the masses once HSPA+ hits. In addition to the speed upgrades, the company is also continuing to spread its 3G footprint across the country. Now where are those Nokia N900s with AWS 3G support?


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