AT&T may be looking to launch handset trade-in program

Treat this one as a rumor and nothing more for the time being, but we just got some details on a “Phone Trade-In” program that AT&T is apparently looking to launch sometime around June. From the looks of things, AT&T is hoping to quell complaints from subscribers who did something stupid like buy a Curve 31 days before the Bold launched. Of course with any deal, there are a whole bunch of caveats — here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • The phone being traded in in can’t be more than two years old and must be in fair shape (if you sent a pic of it in during the Bold giveaway, don’t bother)
  • The new phone will not have any subsidies applied to it, so basically whatever your trade-in covers will be your “savings”
  • Trade-ins will be valued from $50 to $200

As with any tips, we’ll dig as deep as we can and report back any findings.¬† Actually, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to be able to bypass eBay/craigslist when shedding old handsets — anyone into the idea?

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