Everybody Wants to be a DJ

We’re not positive that virtual DJs will get quite the same reaction from slutty boozed-up club chicks, but can you afford not to find out? This past weekend it was revealed that Activision has taken the first visible step towards creating what may be the next entry in its series of interactive games. Activision still sees tremendous success with the Guitar Hero line of games, where players try to keep up with various rockers using a guitar-like controller. We may soon see wannabe-rockers trading in their plastic guitars for turntables as the popular gaming lab has just trademarked the name “DJ Hero”. Nothing is set in stone of course, but Activision surely didn’t trademark DJ Hero because they had nothing better to do. Perhaps DJ Hero will draw hoards of scantily-clad girls to your living room as you wow them on the 1s and 2s, or maybe you’ll just look stupid while you try to mix and cut on plastic decks. In either case, Activision will surely have a winner on their hands once DJ Hero reaches the masses. As a sidenote, any ambulance chasers in the audience may want to give this guy a call…


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