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Turn any desk or table into a wireless charger with this $40 pad from IKEA

IKEA wireless charger

Wireless charging is all about convenience. That said, it does have drawbacks, such as having to leave a device in place as it charges. Wireless chargers also take up far more room than cords, but IKEA has an interesting solution to this problem. Next month, the store will start selling a new accessory named the Sjömärke. The Sjömärke is a wireless charging mat that you can install underneath a desk, a shelf, or a tabletop. The mat is capable of charging devices through wood or plastic, which means you can put your phone or tablet down directly on the surface of a table to charge it.

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Here’s IKEA’s description of the product: “With SJÖMÄRKE wireless charger your technology becomes invisible, since you mount the charger hidden – for example under a tabletop or shelf. Works through all materials except metal. Perfect to mount on a desk, side table or bedside table when you want chargers and cables to blend into the decor to keep the room neat and tidy.”

IKEA’s new wireless charger hides beneath tables

The Sjömärke comes with a six-foot-long cable, 4 strips of double-sided adhesive tape, and 2 marker stickers. You can also mount it with screws, but those don’t come in the package. Once you’ve chosen a spot for the charger, be sure to use the stickers to mark the location so you’ll know exactly where to place your device when you want to charge it. IKEA also says that the charger is meant to be used for indirect charging. In other words, don’t sit your phone directly on top of the Sjömärke.

The instruction manual reveals that the charger is compatible with the Qi 1.2.4 specification. It should work with any modern device that features wireless charging capabilities, including the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S22. The Sjömärke comes with temperature and power monitors for safety purposes, and it also has a LED status indicator to show when a device is charging. IKEA warns that the device has to be a minimum of 8mm from the charger before it will start charging. The charger works best through surfaces that are between three-eighths and seven-eighths of an inch thick.

According to IKEA’s website, the Sjömärke isn’t currently in stock. The retailer tells The Verge that the charger will be available in stores and online in the US and abroad this October.

You can watch a video from IKEA showing off how to install and use the Sjömärke below:

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