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These new cars can drive 1,250 miles without refueling

Published May 29th, 2024 8:29PM EDT
BYD car at carshow

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BYD has unveiled a new hybrid EV design that will allow cars to travel more than 1,200 miles without recharging or refueling. The Chinese-based company plans to launch two new sedans using the new powertrain, which will further the distance between BYD and other EV manufacturers like Volkswagen and Toyota.

What’s even more impressive about BYD’s latest powertrain design is that it will debut the tech in two sedans set to cost under 100,000 yuan (roughly $14,000). That will make these long-range hybrid vehicles some of the most affordable plug-in electric cars on the market. BYD hasn’t shard exact details on the two new vehicles, but should soon.

This longer range means that the new hybrid EV will be able to drive from Miami to New York on a single charge and a full tank of gas. That’s an insane distance to be able to travel without needing to stop to fuel up. This, of course, isn’t the first time that BYD has upended the Chinese auto market with huge price cuts.

7-Eleven 7Charge EV charging network
The new tech from BYD will allow for fewer trips to the gas station or charger. Image source: 7-Eleven

The company sold three million cars last year, according to The Business Times, with almost one million sold this year alone. Those are big numbers, and this new powertrain is likely only going to increase the amount of BYD cars driving off the lot going forward.

Global automotive manufacturers continue to try to find ways to push adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles in an attempt to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels needed to power the millions of cars found on the street every year. This new hybrid EV has the potential to turn more towards the EV side of the market.

Hybrid EVs can be a great way to give people the opportunity to check out what electric vehicles have to offer without fully giving up easy access to refueling with gasoline. While EV charging has improved greatly in recent years, they still take longer to charge than it takes to refuel a gas-powered car at the gas station, and their lower ranges on a charge can be a huge turn-off for potential customers.

That probably won’t be the case with these new BYD cards, though, as they can travel further than any gas-only car without needing to refuel or recharge.

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