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The back of the Pixel Watch is popping off for some people

Published Jun 2nd, 2023 2:28PM EDT
Pixel Watch hands-on
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Imagine going to take your Pixel Watch off its wireless charger, and you only get about 90% of your watch back. That’s apparently what’s happened for some owners.

Spotted by Android Police, some owners of Google’s relatively new Pixel Watch have reported that the back has separated from the rest of the watch. The report, which was able to find at least four instances of the issue being posted to Reddit, all have one thing in common: the back of the Pixel Watch came off when the owner obviously did not intend it to.

Most owners experienced the issue when trying to remove the watch from the company’s charging puck that comes with the watch. I can’t imagine pulling my Apple Watch off its charger and only getting most of my watch back. At least one user speculated that their sweat caused issues with the adhesive:

Thankfully, Google has taken care of the issue for most users by straight-up replacing their watch with a new one. However, at least one person ended up in a battle with support and was told they had to pay $300 to get the watch fixed. That’s honestly insane since buying a Google Watch brand new is $349, only $50 more than what they would pay for a broken one to be fixed. Hopefully, that person was able to get it covered under the warranty like the others.

Google hasn’t rolled out any kind of official program about the issue and, thankfully, it seems to only have affected a small number of users. Still, it is concerning when the back of your smartwatch, which users want to use while running and a slew of other activities, could just pop off unprompted.

I’m perfectly happy with my Apple Watch Ultra and, even if I ever switched to Android, I would be looking into the world of Garmin smartwatches as opposed to going for Google’s offering. Speaking of which, Garmin just announced its new fēnix 7 Pro and epix Pro watches that, in price, go head-to-head with the Ultra. For all of you Pixel Watch owners, I am wishing you the best!

Joe Wituschek Tech News Contributor

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