T-Mobile comes along all the time with new offers and deals to bribe Verizon refugees over to its network. But normally, you don’t just get things for free. Most of the offers require you to port a line over, trade in a phone, sign up for a two-year plan or similar, but this new offer is a no-brainer for any existing customers, because you can genuinely get something for nothing.

The new promo gives you an extra line for free, provided you already have at least two lines active with the company. Although the promo will only be live for a limited time when it starts on Wednesday, the free line that you add will last for as long as you’re a T-Mobile customer.

Basically, if you’re eligible, you should sign up for the extra line just in case you ever want to add a tablet, a friend, or just leave a mobile hotspot burning data for no good reason other than that you can.

There is one catch that ensures this promo doesn’t cause customers to cancel lines: it doesn’t apply to any account that cancels an existing line and then tries to add the new free line, and that even extends to any customer that has cancelled a line in 2017, according to the fine print.


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