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I don’t know how this insane floating boat car works, but I want one

Can we just take a moment to marvel at human ingenuity? It’s brought us the toaster, the smartphone, and now it’s given birth to this ridiculous electric boat car that has no business even existing, but it does anyway. It’s called the Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Limited Edition, and everyone on the planet should own one. I mean, just look at this ridiculous thing:

This amazing little machine utilizes hydrofoils — four of them, to be exact — to allow it to seemingly float above the surface of the water. In truth, the structures that allow it to float in such a way remain submerged at all times, attached to the curved feet that slice the water like knives. It’s not a new technology by any means, but its implementation here is just plan awesome.

The Q2S seats two people, has a built in rear platform, first aid kit, paddles, and even cup holders, and it’s fully electric. Its top speed of 25 mph isn’t going to break any aquatic speed records, but you’ll get plenty of looks from fellow boaters all the same. It has a range of just over 60 miles, or about two hours of actual driving time, depending on passengers and conditions.

Why does such a thing even need to exist? What purpose does it serve? Try to answer those questions and you’ll end up with a headache, but you can’t deny that you absolutely want one. Of course, you’ll also have to be willing to shell out a pretty sizable chunk of change for the privilege. This little beauty carries an price tag just north of $30,000.