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This might be the best Pokemon Go hack ever

Pokemon Go Map Hack

Finding Pokemon can be a tiresome job, and it requires plenty of walking to catch them all – one person already got all 142 Pokemon in the US, walking 95 miles in the process. But not all Pokemon Go players have the time to walk nearly 100 miles. Luckily for them, a “cheat” exists to skip all the walking. Developers have discovered ways to access data in Pokemon Go to recreate a map of Pokemon spawn locations that tell you what type of Pokemon are around you, and how long they’re going to be available for. Things evolved pretty quickly, and what started as a free project is turning into a business idea for a website, which claims it’s ready to offer more reliable information than competing services.

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Poke Hound is the name of this new service, and it claims to be the “ultimate live map” for Pokemon Go. According to its developers, Poke Hound will get you “ALL Pokemon near you,” which apparently covers 10 to 20 times more Pokemon than PokeVision, the other site we showed you last week.

The map also displays remaining spawn times, filters that let you see specific Pokemon or classes of rarity, and text message notifications for when specific Pokemon appear near you. Finally, it also offers directions to navigate to any Pokemon it finds.

The bad news is that the app isn’t free to use. You get a free trial of one hour, and then you’re charged $4.99 for weekly access. That means you’ll have to register for the service and log into your account to use it. But at least it works in any browser — and if you’re looking for a real edge to take your Pokemon Go game up a notch, this hack is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Check out Poke Hound at this link and let us know if you come across any of these incredibly rare Pokemon that have been impossible to find.

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