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Not everyone is hating on Apple’s new MacBook Pros

Published Nov 2nd, 2016 5:55PM EDT
MacBook Pro 2016
Image: Apple Inc.

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Based on a litany of widely-publicized complaints surrounding Apple’s newly unveiled MacBook Pros, you might be forgiven for thinking that Apple’s media event last week was nothing short of a disaster. Sure, Apple’s new MacBook Pro isn’t without its fair share of shortcomings, but the Touch Bar could very well prove to be a game-changing feature and many people are, in fact, excited about Apple’s recent revamp to its notebook lineup.

Earlier today, Apple executive Phil Schiller emphasized this point in an interview where he said that Apple’s online store “has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before.” So while there is clearly a vocal contingent of developers and creative professionals who are disappointed with the new MacBook Pro, their position is far from universal.

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Interestingly enough, a recent thread on Reddit, allegedly authored by someone working in Hollywood, relays that many folks within the industry are actually excited by Apple’s new MacBook Pros. Asking around for opinions on a few production sets, our fearless Redditor found that the recently unveiled Touch Bar may prove to be a huge selling point.

The thread reads in part:

I figured I’d ask around the movie and TV sets I am on and see what people think. People are overwhelmingly excited for these computers from every department down. I’m telling you, from set design, to wardrobe, to script supervisors, to casting departments, props, actors, down to 2nd ADs, PAs and extras people are all generally excited to get these new computers. I’ve also talked with friends in the apparel industry, and marketing and everyone seems to at worst be happy for a spec bump, and at best super excited to see what the touch bar will do for them in their workflow so if you’re wondering how at least entertainment industry professionals feel about them, they are all reacting pretty positively.

Nobody at all is talking about the great Microsoft migration, nobody is gawking at the price, nobody wishes the laptops were touch screen.

While far from a scientific survey, it’s an interesting read given the avalanche of backlash that Apple’s MacBook Pro has attracted over the last few days. What’s more, given reports that Apple in 2017 will reduce the price and introduce a MacBook Pro model that can handle 32GB of RAM, the current MacBook Pro controversy, like most other Apple-oriented controversies, will likely come and go without so much as making the tiniest of dents on Apple’s bottom line or reputation.

Yoni Heisler Contributing Writer

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