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A future iOS 11 update will enable faster wireless charging on iPhone 8 and iPhone X

iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X

Apple’s three new iPhones are the first ones to feature wireless charging out of the box. That means you don’t have to buy a separate iPhone case to enjoy a feature that some Android devices have had for years. For the time being, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models only get slow wireless charging, which is about as fast as charging it from the wall with the default charger. But that will change in the near future.

A future iOS 11 update will enable faster wireless charging on both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. That’s a detail Apple did not reveal during the keynote. But the company confirmed to Jim Dalrymple that fast wireless charging is in the works.

“That’s not what wireless charging does on an iPhone 8—it provides a slower charge, equal to that of the 5W USB Power Adapter that Apple provides with the iPhone,” he wrote in his iPhone 8 review. “That will increase slightly later this year with a software update from Apple, but for now, that’s what you get.”

How fast will Apple’s fast wireless charging be exactly? While the Apple blogger didn’t specify, a source at an accessory maker revealed to BGR that 7.5W wireless charging will likely roll out with the iOS 11.1 update. However, don’t expect fast charging to go beyond that 7.5W threshold in the future.

Dalrymple asked Apple whether there are any worries of wearing down the battery from continuously charging the phone wirelessly, but Apple said it wasn’t a concern.

While slow wireless charging may not be ideal for some users, it still may be a lot more convenient than wired charging. Dalrymple explained that a simple thing like resting the phone on a wireless charging while not using the phone is enough to add battery life to the phone while you mind your business.

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