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Android user switches to iPhone 7 from pure Android and has some surprising opinions

Published Sep 19th, 2016 4:12PM EDT
iPhone 7 Vs. Android
Image: Apple Inc.

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One of the reasons why analysts are so quick to call new iPhone releases boring is because they often look at a new device from the perspective of someone who already the owns previous model. So when the iPhone 6S was released, for example, and everyone said that it didn’t really bring anything new to the table, most analysts overlooked the fact that most buyers were coming over from the 5S. That being the case, most iPhone 6S buyers did find the device to be a compelling upgrade.

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Of course, not everyone who purchases a new iPhone is an existing iPhone user. Indeed, Tim Cook often mentions that the percentage of new iPhone buyers coming over from Android continues to grow rapidly with each passing quarter.

Having said that, we recently came across an interesting Reddit thread where a former Android user with a Nexus 6P upgraded to the iPhone 7 and relayed his thoughts on the transition. Standalone iPhone 7 reviews are great, but nothing can quite compare to hearing a first-hand account what a new iPhone is like from someone who’s coming from the other side of the smartphone spectrum.

While some aspects of the transition were to be expected, there were a few surprising areas where the iPhone 7 was found to be a marked improvement over Android, including overall build quality and, oddly enough, button design.


Damn, Apple. This is where no Android manufacturer I’ve used can compete. It’s absolutely beautiful looking, feels incredibly sleek and sturdy in hand, and just has a general high quality and well thought out feel to it. A+, through and through.


This seems like a pointless category, but it’s noteworthy enough for me to mention it. Holy hell are they firm and tactile! In an absolutely good way. The buttons on my 6P were a lot weaker and easier to press. Some may prefer that, but it led to the power button being bumped quite often and my phone turning on in my pocket etc.

In the same category, the home button. I’m not sure if I prefer it over the on-screen buttons with Android, but the taptic engine is absolutely wonderful. If you told me that it was actually clicking, I would totally believe it, just as with my MB.

Also, THANK YOU Apple, for the mute switch. I never realized how much I would actually use it, but it’s a lot.While I can’t co-sign on the iPhone 7 tactic engine being a dead ringer for what Apple implemented with the MacBook, it may just require a little bit of getting used to.

In the interest of keeping the comparison fair, we should point out that there were two distinct areas where the Android to iPhone switcher preferred his 6P.


This is interesting, as it’s a different technology to the 6P. As some may know, the 6P is AMOLED, and it has an extremely beautiful panel in my opinion. While the iPhone can’t match the nice saturation and the black pixels actually being off, it’s definitely a beautiful display. I had a lot of concern over the tiny resolution (Especially on a modern phone!) but I don’t even notice it, honestly.


6P wins here. No doubt. It absolutely demolishes the iPhone. Now, that isn’t to say the iPhone has bad speakers, but they just can’t match dual high quality front facing speakers. The speakers in the iPhone are good enough though, plenty for watching Youtube and Netflix. Much better than a single downward or backward firing speaker. I’m so glad Apple decided to add it, as I think this was the point that pushed me over to “Alright, I’ll give Apple a go”.As far as software is concerned, the Redditor gives the nod to iOS 10, calling Apple’s latest mobile OS “incredibly fluid and quick.” Interestingly, he said it flows a lot smoother than even Android Nougat.

While some iPhone vs Android comparisons can get bogged down in zero-sum-game style thinking, this particular overview from Reddit provides a refreshingly balanced and honest look at many of the pros and cons associated with each platform.

One final point that I found interesting is that the Redditor found iOS’ stock keyboard to be somewhat lacking: “I feel it’s a step back from Google’s. The prediction/autocorrection isn’t near where Google’s is, and the layout feels slightly less efficient.”

Make sure to check out the source link below for the full comparison.

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