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‘Boring’ iPhone 7 so popular Apple turns away pre-order customers

iPhone 7 Pre-Orders

If you listen to some comments sections on the internet, the iPhone 7 is a boring, incremental update on something that was already a boring update. Basically, no one wants it and Apple’s about to have a flop on its hand. It won’t even release pre-order numbers or sales figures. Sad!

Luckily for Apple, internet commenters don’t reflect reality, which is why Apple appears to have so many pre-orders that it’s already exhausted stock. iSheep, amirite?

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According to scattered reports on the Macrumors forum and Twitter, customers who reserved iPhone 7 Plus devices are being turned away from stores, despite being given a guaranteed pickup date.

One user reported his problems getting a device:

I waited for over and hour for my 8:30am reservation at my local Apple Store. I had reserved a 128GB Silver 7 Plus. After much waiting around they finally told me that their shipment was short and they could not fulfill my order today. Try back tomorrow and they should be able to get me my phone. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Other readers chimed in, with some saying that they’d been given gift cards as compensation:

I had the same thing happen to me at the Penatgon City store in VA. Reserved a 256GB 7plus in matte black for 8 am. Got there only to be told they didn’t have it. I was given $100 gift card as compensation. But this is ********. Don’t give me a “reservation” if you don’t have the stock.

Even for customers who managed to get devices, the half-hour windows for pickup are proving to be a lie:

At this point, it looks like Apple either vastly underestimated supply, or there were major shipping problems. Either way, good luck getting an iPhone today if you don’t already have a plan.