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The Hearthstone features you’ve been asking for are finally on their way

Hearthstone Update Deck Importing

Crafting that elusive perfect deck to take you straight to Legendary can be a real drag, if you’re one of the more competitive 70 million Hearthstone players out there, always looking for new deck ideas to improve your win rate. Blizzard has heard you, and it’s soon going to help you take deck management to a whole new level, with a simple feature that’s still absent from the game.

The company actually announced on Tuesday two brand new features that will be available to Hearthstone players in the coming weeks.

Players will be able to challenge their friends to complete challenges in the near future, which should be an exciting development. As long as you don’t have to watch a friend win a game or play against the computer, you’re probably going to finish your quests a lot easier.

However, the most important feature that Blizzard is about to release is the ability to import decks. That’s right, Deck Importing is finally coming to the game, which means you’ll be able to easily import deck recipes from various sources, but also to export your own decks for later use or to share them with friends.

That’s a huge addition to the game and will help you bypass the existing deck limit. You can only save 18 decks in the game, which means that often times you have to delete some of your concepts.

You’ll be able to import or export decks from inside your collection, and the deck list will be saved as a text document. Each document will have its unique code that should be used for importing the deck or sharing it with a friend.

So what happens if you don’t have all the cards in the deck recipe that you’ve just imported? Well, as you might have guessed it by now, you’ll be able to replace the missing cards with whatever else is available.

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