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Google’s first Chrome OS tablet may also run Windows 10

Google Pixel Slate Release Date

Google next week is expected to launch at least one new Chrome device during the Pixel 3 event, including its first ever Chrome OS tablet. Codenamed “Nocturne,” the tablet is going to be sold as the Google Pixel Slate, a report said a few days ago. But a new revelation makes Nocturne even more interesting: The 2-in-1 device may dual-boot Windows 10.

If you’ve ever wanted Google to let you run Windows 10 alongside Chrome OS on your Chromebook, then you’re probably aware of all the rumors that say such a plan is already underway. It’s unclear whether Google will announce reveal dual-booting Chrome OS devices next week, but 9to5Google found proof that the Pixel Slate may run Windows 10 at some point down the road.

A Chromium commit from July is what indicates that Windows 10 support may be in the works for the Pixel Slate. “Windows 10 will BSOD early during boot […] with the way things are currently laid out,” is the key quote in the commit, which previously had different wording: “I’ve got an OS that can’t boot with the way things are currently laid out.”

It’s unclear at this time whether Google ironed out the issues and whether the Pixel Slate will launch with dual-booting capabilities next week, or whether Windows 10 support will be rolled out in the future.

But running both Windows 10 and Chrome OS on the same device certainly sounds interesting, especially for high-end Chromebooks. What’s important to note is that not all existing Chromebooks will get Windows 10 support once the Pixel Slate does, only the more expensive models. That’s because you’d have to have enough storage to run both operating systems, which may be a problem for cheaper versions.

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