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Google Maps will predict your destination before you even ask for directions

Google Maps Driving Mode

Arguably one of the best products Google made, Google Maps is only getting better with each update. And Google plans to make it even smarter in the near future. A new update for Android brings over one such clever feature, a Driving Mode that will try to predict where you want to drive to next before you ask for any directions.

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First detailed by Android Police, the new Driving Mode trick uses Google’s massive knowledge about you to prompt useful information related to the upcoming drive. The application takes into account your habits and search history to try to determine where you’re heading off and offer you relevant info.

While it may sound a bit creepy, Driving Mode also signals the future of driving. The feature might be even more useful in those situations where you know where you’re driving to, and you don’t need directions. But Google could still provide vital information about the traffic along the way without you having to actually ask for directions.

Interestingly, the new mode can be launched directly from the home screen with the help of a simple shortcut. However, Driving Mode might not be enable yet on your device, so you might have to do it yourself. Android Police says this is a bug that will be fixed in future releases, providing instructions on how to try to manually bring it up right now.

Driving Mode will probably be available on iPhone at some point in the future.

Other features in Google Maps for Android version 9.19 include an audio toggle in navigation mode and a Timeline settings screen – download it at the source link in case you haven’t received it automatically on your Android device.

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