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Google is finally making it easier for you to manage your private data

May 12th, 2018 at 9:30 AM
Google Account Privacy

Google is overhauling its user privacy policy, not because it wants to do it or because it wants to collect less data about you, but because Europe is forcing the company to allow customers to better manage their data. Google, of course, is hoarding even more data about you than Facebook, a company that’s been the news lately because of the Cambridge Analytica user privacy breach. Just like Facebook, Google has to comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In a blog post on the matter, Google explained some of the changes caused b the new law, which comes into effect later this month.

The company promises better user transparency thanks to an updated Privacy Policy that will make it easier for users to understand what kind of data is collecting. The updated Privacy Policy comes with handy videos and illustrations. Google, however, notes that the Privacy Policy itself isn’t changing.

Google also promises improved user controls, which means you’ll be able to easily view the data Google collected about you and delete it if you so desire — check out the Activity Controls at this link.

In the future, Google will offer you a better way to export Google data. The Data Transfer Project is available on GitHub right now, which will allow developers to transfer data from one Google service to something else.

GDPR also forces Google to address tools for children. That’s where the Family Link comes in, a feature meant to help parents manage their children’s access to Google products.

If you care about privacy, then definitely check out Google’s full blog post. It’s unclear, for the time being, whether the new privacy management features will be available to European users only, or whether they’ll apply to all Google users.

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