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Each of the 28 CES 2017 Innovation Award honorees explained in a single sentence

ces 2017 innovation awards

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association uses the CES conference to honor unique products and companies that are doing things a bit differently. It calls them the Innovation Awards, and there’s plenty of honorees every year. This year there is a whopping 28 products on the “Best Of” list, and rather than bore you with press release jargon about “disruption” and “paradigm shifts,” I’d rather just sum each product up in a single sentence, so let’s get to it. 

Aipoly Vision – AI that tells blind people what they’re pointing their phone camera at.

Cota Tile – Ceiling tiles that can wirelessly charge electronics within 30 feet of them.

Cubit – An app-connected tool that measures and stores dimensions so DIYers can spend less time with plotting and planning and more time actually doing stuff.

EyeQue – A vision testing tool that wants to save you from having to go to the eye doctor by doing the tests at home.

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar – A wearable for your dog that tracks activity levels and temperature to give owners a complete picture of their pet’s health and happiness.

Goodix Fingerprint Detection Sensor – Biometric finger unlocks for your phone, again.

HP Spectre 13 – A ridiculously thin notebook with good battery life and an eye-catching design.

Bosch Integrated Connectivity Cluster – A smart mini HUD for motorcycle riders.

K’Track G – Painless, blood-free blood glucose monitoring in real time for diabetics.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro – An augmented reality smartphone.

Lenovo Yoga Book – A notebook/tablet hybrid that wears many hats.

Mars by CrazyBaby – A floating speaker with a charging base that looks like a Mac Pro.

Motiv Ring – An activity tracker for your finger.

Moto Mods – Slide-in accessories for the Moto Z smartphone that give it additional functionality, like a huge camera or video projector.

Nemonic – A workplace organizer.

Netgear Nighthawk X10 R9000 – A quad-core smart router built with 4K and VR in mind, and it looks like it would be painful to step on.

Obsidian 3D Camera – A 360-degree camera for shooting environments which can then be revisited in virtual reality.

Ossic X – Smart headphones that provide 3D positional sound.

Paradigm Persona 9H – High-end speakers that could be mistaken for air purifiers.

Powerup FPV – Little gadgets that turn paper airplanes into drones and send the video to a Cardboard VR headset.

Acer Predator z301CT – A 21:9 curved HD computer monitor with built-in eye-tracking.

ReSound ENZO2 – Smart hearing aids that connect to an iPhone.

Robo R2 – A Wi-Fi enabled 3D printer.

Quanergy Systems S3 Solid State LiDAR Sensor – A sensor for autonomous cars that can track objects so you don’t run people over.

Samsung Frame – A video display that could be mistaken for a picture frame, but that’s the entire point.

Sleep Number 360 – A bed that connects to your iPhone, because you know you’ve always wanted that.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote – A touchscreen contextual remote that can control pretty much everything in your home.

SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer – It’s loud.

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse – A gaming mouse packed with customizable bits and lots of buttons.

Tilt Brush – A 3D VR painting and drawing app made by Google.

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini w/ iS4 Eye Tracker – An eye-tracking system that lets individuals without use of their hands navigate and enjoy a computer just like everyone else.

uBolt – A smart ID bracelet that verifies the identity of the wearer.

XGIMI Z4 Aurora Screenless TV – A projector that shoots a 300-inch screen at whatever you point it at, with built-in Harman Kardon speakers.

Xooloo Digital Coach – An app that keeps track of everything your kids are doing, watching, and saying.

Zera Food Recycler – Turns thrown out food into fertilizer, and also looks kind of like an old Xbox 360.