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The Space Black iPhone 7 pictured here couldn’t possibly be any hotter

Black iPhone 7 Photos

Apple is rumored to launch the iPhone 7 in a new color this year. After last year’s rose gold iPhone, we’re going to get either a blue or black new option this year, according to reports that are yet to be confirmed. Designers are having a field day with these rumors, creating all sorts of 3D renders of the blue or “Space Black” iPhone 7. Martin Hajek, one of our favorite artists when it comes to creating images of unreleased Apple devices based on the latest rumors, has his own take on a black iPhone 7.

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Hajek’s mockups show an iPhone 6s-like device that has all the features we expect in the new iPhone 7, including redesigned antenna lines and camera on the back of the handset, a capacitive home button, and no headphone jack.

The black iPhone 7 looks absolutely gorgeous in these images, particularly when paired with a pair of black Lightning EarPods. And yes, a black iPhone 7 will go great with black Apple Watch bands as well.

We’ll also note that the phone has a dark mode theme that Apple might enable at some point in a future iOS 10 beta release – and the Game of Thrones iMessage chat is a nice touch.

While we wait for actual iPhone 7 photos, you can check some of Hajek’s renders below, with the full set of images available at the source link.

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-1Image source: Martin Hajek

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-2Image source: Martin Hajek

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-3Image source: Martin Hajek

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-4Image source: Martin Hajek

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-5Image source: Martin Hajek

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-6Image source: Martin Hajek

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-7Image source: Martin Hajek

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