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Mac App Store to launch December 13th?

A new rumor cites an anonymous “inside source” in suggesting that Apple plans to launch its Mac App Store one week from today, on December 13th. According to the rumor, Apple CEO Steve >>

OS X 10.6.4 released for public consumption

Alright, Apple fans. Time to drop everything and rush to your Mac of choice, as Apple has just released OS X 10.6.4. Ranging in size from 314MB to 641MB, the update brings forth >>

Think Apple has all price points covered?

We’d say so! From $59 to $7,000, if you want an Apple product, there’s a pretty darn good chance you’ll be able to pick something in your price range. Simply brilliant. Full size >>

Is this the butt of the new Mac mini?

Late last night a photo that is purported to be of the butt-end of the upcoming new Mac mini surfaced on the internet causing quite a fuss within the Apple community. Starting with >>

Mac Mini may get refreshed with NVIDIA Ion GPU

Fanboys (and girls) were disappointed this year when Macworld ended without a bang, and more importantly, without an updated version of the Mac Mini. Just because the shindig is over doesn’t mean rumors >>