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Entire nation sues to reduce Apple’s tax bill

Tomorrow, Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan will file an appeal against Apple’s $14.4 billion tax bill in European court. But Ireland isn’t fighting to get back what it’s owed; rather, it’s contesting a recent >>

Ireland doesn’t want Apple’s $13.5 billion in back taxes

Earlier this week, the European Commission concluded an enquiry into Apple’s European tax situation, concluding that the company owes Ireland $13.5 billion in unpaid taxes. But the case is anything but closed, as >>

Blockbuster looking to sell its European stores?

After a disappointing Q4 2009 performance, Blockbuster’s woes continue with the US video giant looking to pawn off its European operations as a means of generating some much needed cash. According to a >>

Palm Pre coming to Spain on October 14th

Looks like the Palm Pre will be making another GSM appearance this month, this time in Spain on Telefonica’s HSDPA network starting October 14th. O2 has already announced a release around the same >>