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crew dragon News

This might be the wildest thing SpaceX has ever done

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon has already proven itself as a safe and capable spacecraft when it lived up to NASA’s standards and ferried crewed missions from Earth to the International Space Station. The spacecraft >>

SpaceX just scored a historic first from NASA

NASA has officially certified SpaceX’s Crew Dragon for future use in crewed missions to space.  Crew Dragon becomes the first spacecraft from the Commercial Crew Progam to receive the distinction, well ahead of >>

SpaceX is going to fire Tom Cruise into space

Actor Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman are currently scheduled to depart Earth aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in October 2021. The mission is reportedly related to an upcoming film, though details >>

It’s make-or-break time for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon

NASA has announced that the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will return to Earth on August 2nd. The capsule, with astronauts Behnken and Hurley aboard, will splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean. Once the return >>