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Donald Trump will make the internet great again with a Reddit AMA

Trump AMA on Reddit

Brace yourself, internet-dwellers: Donald Trump is coming to town. According to a press release emailed to journalists and a post on the controversial /r/The_Donald subreddit, everyone’s favorite Republican candidate will be conducting an AMA this Wednesday at 7:00PM ET.

Trump’s AMA isn’t unusual, since prominent entertainers do frequently visit the platform to plug their latest movie or concert tour. Even President Obama has stopped by once or twice. But there’s a few details that may make this AMA one to remember.

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Firstly, the Q&A isn’t being held on Reddit’s traditional forum for this stuff, the /r/IAmA sub. It’s a neutral platform with mods experienced at handling all kinds of AMAs from different people, and used to coordinating with Reddit staff to make sure this stuff goes smoothly.

Instead, Trump is being hosted by /r/The_Donald, a pro-Trump sub not known for its neutral views, balanced subscriber base or tolerating outsiders well. It’s not clear if the Trump campaign was approached by the mods of /r/The_Donald or the other way around, but either way, the deal works well for everyone involved. Trump gets the softest platform on the internet, and the sub gets publicity across all of Reddit.

According to the Trump announcement, the thread will open for questions at 6.30ET on Wednesday, and Trump will arrive to answer questions at 7PM. Of course, since there’s no definitive proof that Trump has ever touched a computer, it’s a good bet that Trump will be relaying his answers through an intermediary, rather than browsing the dank memes himself.