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Trial begins for radioactive gel that painlessly kills skin cancer in seconds

Updated Oct 6th, 2022 4:11PM EDT
skin cancer could be cured with cancer-killing gel
Image: dream@do / Adobe

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A hospital in the United Kingdom has started up the latest phase of a trial for a cancer-killing gel. King’s College Hospital is currently holding a phase IV clinical trial for liquid radiotherapy. The extremely radioactive gel is placed over the skin cancer.

This allows for very targeted treatment, according to a press release on the matter. Once treatment is complete, the gel is then removed from the skin.

The results from the cancer-killing gel so far have been so astounding that the doctors believe it could be capable of killing all the cancer cells in a single session. After that, the cells should die and not require additional treatments.

This cancer-killing gel is just one of many cancer treatments doctors and scientists have been developing. Others are working on a cancer-killing virus and even cancer-killing robots.

One patient in the cancer-killing gel trial said that the treatment was noninvasive and wasn’t painful. That patient, 77-year-old Finola Cronin, says she has to update the doctors with images of the treated area between multiple checkups. But, overall, the cancer-killing gel treatment has been very simple.

skin cancer could be cured with cancer-killing gelImage source: Evgeniy Kalinovskiy / Adobe

The study is currently ongoing, and full results will be shared at a later time. One of the doctors involved in the study said it’s important to continue innovating. This cancer-killing gel is an opportunity to investigate these noninvasive treatment options further.

The study also plans to measure the patient’s reported outcomes, including quality of life, the comfort of the treatment, and more.

It will be intriguing to see where this new cancer-killing gel goes after the phase IV trial ends and what results we see from it. Seeing all these innovative new ways to target and kill cancerous cells is exciting for several reasons – chief among them the number of lives we could save if we find multiple treatment options.

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