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Can you see the hidden image inside this mysterious red dot?

Red Dot Hidden Image Puzzle

Do you remember the mysterious dress where some people saw it as white and gold, while others saw it as blue and black? Well there’s a similarly puzzling image that’s making the rounds on the internet these days — a red dot that contains a hidden image that only some people can see. This image comes to us via PlayBuzz and it really does contain the outline of a horse… but there’s a good chance you won’t be able to see it.

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In case you’re curious, this is the outline some people see when they look at the image:


Speaking personally, I can sort of see this image when I look closely at the dot, but only because I now know what to look for; otherwise, I would have never have spotted it because it looks only slightly discolored compared to the rest of the red dot.

Try again yourself with the original image:

So what does this prove? It seems to be an eyesight test to see how well your eyes can process subtle differences in color. Some people can only see the bare outline, while others can see full details of the horse. Other people, however, say they can’t see anything at all.

Regardless, it’s a pretty cool brain teaser.

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