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Images of this ‘zombie’ shark will haunt your nightmares forever

Published Mar 7th, 2022 3:01PM EST

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A YouTuber has shared new footage of a mummified “zombie” shark found in an abandoned aquarium. The shark itself isn’t actually a zombie, of course. However, mold and exposure to air have given the shark the look of a zombified creature you’d expect to see in a sci-fi movie.

“Zombie” shark images are truly haunting

The images of the ‘zombie’ shark and other creatures are a haunting look at what happens to the attractions we visit after they close. A group of urban explorers broke into the aquarium and captured the new footage. One of the explorers, a French YouTuber who goes by Juj’ Urbex, shared the footage on her YouTube channel, as well as her TikTok.

The aquarium likely showcased the shark after its death, based on the size of the display case. The body was probably treated with chemicals to preserve it. The case was most likely airtight, too. As such, the ‘zombie’ shark has probably been dead for a long time. The body was exposed to air after the case was broken. Then mold and decay set in.

This theory is also backed by the fact that many live animals were evacuated from the aquarium when it was damaged. They were then moved to other aquariums to continue their lives. Because the mummified shark was left behind, it likely wasn’t a high priority. Even though it was mostly dead, seeing the remains of the shark and the other creatures that were on display is saddening. Juj’ Urbex says that she felt a lot of sorrow for the shark after they discovered it.

Other mummified remains include that of an octopus and a squid. Following the smashing of their displays, these creatures suffered the same fate as the zombified shark. The explorers also found a couple of sea stars. They had not started to decay yet.

Abandoned since 2014

zombie shark in tankImage source: Juj’ Urbex / YouTube

The “zombie” shark was part of the displays of an old aquarium in Spain. Many places consider urban exploring illegal. As such, Juj’ Urbex was unable to say exactly which aquarium they explored for their own safety. However, she did note that the aquarium shut down after a 43-foot wave damaged the building in 2014.

The Spanish news site, The Local reported on a wave that size hitting the northwestern coast of Spain that same year. As such, it’s possible the aquarium that Juj’ Urbex and fellow explorers showcased is located somewhere in that area.

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