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You can now buy a Rivian R1T with over 400 miles of range

Published Oct 3rd, 2023 8:42PM EDT
Rivian recall: R1T Truck
Image: Rivian

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The Rivian R1T now has a range of over 400 miles, if you pick all of the right configuration options.

The company has started selling the R1T, its electric truck, with the new Max Pack battery option. The Max Pack, if configured with the appropriate other options, now enables the truck to reach 410 miles of range. The feat now means that Rivian offers the most range you can get out of an electric pickup truck on the market.

If you want to get all 410 miles of range, there are a couple of other options that you are forced into choosing. For one, you’ll need to choose the Dual-Motor AWD drive system, which the company also recently released back in August. The company said at the time that the Dual-Motor would make 400+ miles of range possible, so it appears that the company is making good on that promise today with the Max Pack being available to order as well.

The Dual-Motor and Performance Dual-Motor R1T have the best range in our lineup, with an EPA-estimated 410 miles with our Max pack and 352 miles with our Large pack — both when paired with 21″ wheels. Keep an eye out for full R1S range figures soon.

Rivian charging at an EVgo chargerImage source: EVgo

In addition to the Max Pack and the Dual-Motor drive system, you’ll also need to choose the 21-inch Road tires. The 22-inch Sport wheels, in comparison, will decrease your range to 380 miles. If you opt for the All-Terrian tires, your range will drop all of the down to 355 miles. The same can be said about the drive system — opting for the Performance Dual-Motor AWD can only achieve up to 380 miles. The Max Pack is still unavailable for the Quad-Motor AWD drive system.

Here’s the breakdown of range between the Max Pack and the Large Pack with the Dual-Motor AWD drive system:

  • Max pack, 21-Inch = 410 Miles
  • Max pack, 22-Inch = 380 Miles
  • Max pack, 20-Inch AT = 355 Miles
  • Large pack, 21-Inch = 352 Miles
  • Large pack, 22-Inch = 341 Miles
  • Large pack, 20-Inch AT = 307 Miles

The company says that the Max Pack for the R1S, its electric SUV, is coming soon and will enable 400 miles of range.

While the Rivian now holds the title for longest range possible on an electric pickup truck, it could soon be dethroned by the Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla currently claims that the Cybertruck will be capable of up to 500 miles of range with its Tri-Motor configuration. However, there are rumors that this top-end configuration will not be available at launch, so Rivian may have some breathing room before it has to worry about Tesla passing it.

Tesla CybertruckImage source: Tesla

While the Dual-Motor isn’t as technically capable as the Quad-Motor AWD drive system, it’s no slouch. The truck can still go from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds while saving you $8000 compared to the Quad-Motor. I can’t imagine a ton of people will be going for the Quad-Motor anymore — I’d much rather put that money into all of that extra range with the Max Pack and its whopping $16,000 price.

I’m personally waiting for the Rivian R2, its anticipated next-generation EV, as my potential first purchase of an electric vehicle. The company is expected to give more details about the R2 next year with a launch in 2026. We’ll see if the used market for the R1T can get anywhere close to its rumored $40,000 price point but I doubt it. 2026, here I come!

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