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Rivian says its new Dual-Motor R1T can achieve over 400 miles of range

Published Aug 30th, 2023 5:07PM EDT
Rivian recall: R1T Truck
Image: Rivian

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Rivian has been teasing its new Dual-Motor R1T and Performance Dual-Motor R1T for a while now, saying that it would offer comparable performance to its Quad-Motor truck while boosting range for its customers. Now, we know what kind of jump in range customers can expect.

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the company revealed the EPA estimates on how much range we can expect from the upcoming Dual-Motor R1T and Performance Dual-Motor R1T. According to Rivian, the new dual-motor vehicles can achieve a range of up to 410 miles, a first for the brand. Of course, there are some things to note here. The company says that 410 miles of range will only be possible for a Dual-Motor R1T equipped with 21-inch tires and its larger Max battery pack.

The Dual-Motor and Performance Dual-Motor R1T have the best range in our lineup, with an EPA-estimated 410 miles with our Max pack and 352 miles with our Large pack — both when paired with 21″ wheels. Keep an eye out for full R1S range figures soon.

Rivian also provided a breakdown of range estimates depending on which battery pack (Large or Max) and which tires (20-inch All-Terrain, 21-inch, and 22-inch) you choose. According to the breakdown, the range can vary from 410 miles down to 355 miles depending on which tires you choose with the Max pack. With the Large pack, the range starts at 307 miles and climbs all the way up to 352 miles. Those All-Terrain tires really eat away at your range!

  • Max pack, 21-Inch = 410 Miles
  • Max pack, 22-Inch = 380 Miles
  • Max pack, 20-Inch AT = 355 Miles
  • Large pack, 21-Inch = 352 Miles
  • Large pack, 22-Inch = 341 Miles
  • Large pack, 20-Inch AT = 307 Miles

The company also teased that it will be releasing range estimates for the upcoming dual-motor R1S configurations soon:

Rivian says that its new Enduro drive unit, which is what the new Dual-Motor is built on, will be what most of its customers need, and I agree. Despite dropping down to dual-motor, the truck can still go 0-60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds while saving you $8000 compared to the quad-motor. While the quad-motor will be technically more capable in really intense off-road situations, most people will never be using their R1T in those situations.

While the Quad-Motor got customers 328 miles of range with the Large battery pack, the Dual-Motor bumps that up to 350 miles, a modest but nice bump, especially for those who care more about range than peak performance in some truly rare circumstances. Between the cost savings and the additional range, I can’t imagine many people will be choosing the Quad-Motor as opposed to using that money to get a bigger battery pack.

While you’ll get even more range with your Rivian now, the company isn’t being lazy about improving charging for customers either. The company recently worked to provide customers with a Tesla Supercharger-like experience at the EVgo charging network. Speaking of Tesla, Rivian, even with its dual-motor, has some catching up to do with the Cybertruck when it comes to range. Tesla says that its upcoming electric truck will be able to achieve a range of up to 500 miles. We’ll have to see if that holds true when the company officially starts delivering the truck which is expected to start later this year.

I personally really want an R2 when it comes out — hopefully in 2026 and at that $40,000 price point — so I’m glad to see the company continue to innovate to improve pricing for customers. Now they just need to cut the price in half. No big deal, right?

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