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Tesla Cybertruck owner drives 10,000+ miles, says he only gets 206 miles of range

Published Jan 22nd, 2024 3:15PM EST
Tesla Cybertruck
Image: Tesla

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The Tesla Cybertruck has been out in the wild for a couple of months now. The electric truck officially launched at the end of November 2023, and the first several customers have gotten their hands on the long-awaited vehicle. Now, we’re finally starting to get a sense of the kind of range owners can expect from the vehicle, and… it’s not great.

As reported by Inside EVs, one Cybertruck owner has already driven the electric truck over 10,000 miles and, after doing so, found that the electric truck barely cracked 206 miles of average range on a full charge. At an 80% charge, the truck was only capable of an average range of 164 miles.

With conservative in town driving got efficiency as good as 290 wh/mile, on highway over 900 was seen occasionally. Two sets of tires but mostly A/S, and a variety of driving conditions. Average lifetime 10,000mile wh/mile across both drivers in household was 599 giving the cybertruck a 100% battery used range of 206 miles or a 80% battery usage of 164 miles. Mostly fairly aggressive driving, no speeding tickets or accidents, but “not babying the truck”.

While the owner was disappointed in the range (don’t blame them), they did have good things to say about the Cybertruck. The owner says the truck is a “dream to drive” and had positive things to say about the sound system, handling, the seats, acceleration, and the lovingly named frunk.

Interior of the Tesla CybertruckImage source: Tesla

A few other things the owner did not like were charging speeds, road noise (apparently, the Cybertruck is not a quiet ride compared to Tesla’s other vehicles), and that the metal is quite the fingerprint magnet — something that is elevated since everyone in the world is approaching and touching the truck right now since it’s new. The owner of the truck posted all of their findings and first impressions on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum if you want to check it out.

Granted, the reported 206 miles of range is just from one driver reaching that 10,000-mile… milestone. Other owners who use the truck in different conditions and also those with different driving behaviors are sure to have different results. For example, Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Motoring got a total of 254 miles in his testing. It’s still 20% less than the 320 miles of range that Tesla advertises, but it’s a big leap from this other owner.

The range report on the Cybertruck comes a week after Tesla dropped the price of the Model Y in Europe. Some of the reductions are as high as eight percent, depending on the country where you might be looking to pick one up. The price decrease comes as rumors of a redesign for the Model Y continue to grow.

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