Normally when I write about crazy fast food experiments, I’m usually somewhat horrified by them — recall Buffalo Wild Wings’ Mountain Dew-flavored chicken wings, for example. However, when I heard news that McDonald’s Japan is experimenting with chocolate-covered french fries, I actually found myself rather intrigued at the prospect.

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The reason I think this is an interesting idea is that the combination of chocolate with salty foods can often be quite delicious, as anyone who’s ever had chocolate-covered pretzels can tell you. It looks like these will be standard McDonald’s french fries that are covered in two kinds of chocolate sauces: “Chocolate with cacao flavor and white milk chocolate.” McDonald’s Japan is calling its new dish the “McChoco Potato” and it says that they exhibit a “wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste.”

Whether this lives up to the hype remains to be seen but if these fries become successful in Japan, I can see McDonald’s bringing them over to the U.S. and making them a staple of their all-day breakfast menu, much to the delight of stoner college kids everywhere.

The McChoco Potato will be available at McDonald’s franchises across Japan starting on January 26th.

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