Pictures have emerged of an iPhone that saved a woman’s life during the recent Manchester Arena bombing. Lisa Bridgett, of Pwllheli, was seriously injured during the attack, but things could have been much worse if it wasn’t for her iPhone.

Bridgett was reportedly using her phone at the moment the bomb went off. The attacker had packed metal around the bomb to create shrapnel, and one steel nut hit Bridgett. It went through her middle finger, through the phone, her cheek, and eventually lodged in her nose.

However, her husband says that without the phone diverting and slowing down the projectile, her injuries would have been much more severe. “The fact that she was on the phone at the time probably saved her life,” her husband said in a Facebook post. “The nut has hit her phone which has more than likely not only diverted it, but also slowed it down considerably.”

This isn’t the first time that a smartphone has slowed down a projectile and saved someone’s life. A Fresno State student credited an iPhone with saving his life from an armed mugger back in 2015, and a Turkish soldier was saved by his iPhone 6 last year.

The bombing, which took place just after an Ariana Grande concert, killed 22 people and injured a further 64. Police have arrested 8 men in connection with the attack so far, while the bomber himself was killed by the explosion.

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