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Cash truck crashes in New Jersey, spilling money across highway

cash truck crash

Christmas came a bit early for commuters cruising along Route 3 in New Jersey on Thursday morning. Skies were cloudy, but instead of snow tumbling onto the pavement, it was cold, hard cash.

According to local news reports, a Brinks armored truck crashed on the highway and spilled an untold amount of money. As you might expect, seeing bills bouncing across the highway was enough to cause a bit of a hiccup, not to mention multiple greedy folks holding up traffic as they scooped dollars off the ground.

Local police were stuck with the task of managing the original crash as well as subsequent accidents linked to the stalled traffic.

Additionally, law enforcement was reportedly working on figuring out how much money had been nabbed by people passing by, and it’s not immediately clear whether those that were seen snatching bucks will face any repercussions.

The incident caused significant backup across several lanes of traffic as cars were brought to a standstill. In the video above, you can see plenty of static cars refusing to move forward as the paper money tumbles around in front of them.

Several people are seen getting out of their cars, grabbing some cash, and then hopping back in before speeding away. It’s honestly kind of surreal to see the total breakdown of self control when there’s money just sitting there for the taking. Someone in the background of the video claims to have seen both five and twenty dollar bills, and with Christmas right around the corner, we could all use a little more spending cash.