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Best Xbox Series X and Series S games in 2022

Published Feb 13th, 2022 4:31AM EST
Image: Microsoft

The Xbox Series X and Series S represent a pretty impressive step forward for the Xbox series. The Series X pushes the limits of possibilities for game consoles — while the Series S gives gamers a cheaper way to get access to the latest and greatest video games. Of course, if you have one of the consoles, you may be wondering what the best Xbox Series X games, or best Xbox Series S games, are.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. There are tons of great games out there, and many of them are available to Microsoft’s latest consoles. Here are the best Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games — many of which cross over with the best PS5 games.

Without further ado, here are the best Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Assassin's Creed: ValhallaImage source: Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is the latest in a long line of highly successful Assassin’s Creed games, and the third in the series to feature an expansive, open world. The game builds on the awesome mechanics in previous games, all the while telling a compelling story that immediately sucks you in.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarImage source: Amazon

If you’re a first-person shooter fan, then Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is absolutely worth buying. Graphics have gotten better and better in Call of Duty games, and while the game itself is absolutely huge, it offers a great campaign, excellent multiplayer features, and more. There are even zombies in the game.

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Gears 5

Gears 5Image source: Amazon

Gears 5 isn’t the newest game out there, but it’s easily one of the best games for the Xbox in general. The game is action-packed, offers an immersive and interesting campaign mode, and boasts a great feel. The campaign in particular is more compelling than previous Gears games.

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Control: Ultimate Edition

ControlImage source: Remedy Entertainment

Control is another game from a few years ago that is worth another look. The game follows Jesse Faden as she infiltrates the Federal Bureau of Control to figure out hew past. The gameplay is immersive and fun, and the story is compelling enough to suck you in. And, it looks great on the Xbox Series X or Series X.

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Forza Horizon 5

After months of hype, the latest installment in the Forza series is here in the form of the Forza Horizon 5. The game is stunningly detailed with beautiful graphics. So much so that even if you weren’t racing, it would be a ton of fun. Add in the excellent races, with over 450 cars, and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionImage source: Amazon

Halo has long been a staple for the Xbox, and it’s easy to see why. Each new entry in the series adds awesome new mechanics and stunning graphics. Fans were a little disappointed when Halo Infinite was delayed, but there’s still a great game to enjoy in the meantime — Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This game is for the fans — offering all six Halo games to date, optimized for a more modern experience.

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Hitman 3

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 builds on an already-awesome experience. The game doesn’t change anything radical about how Hitman is played, but it does improve on the graphics, adds a series of awesome new levels, and so on. Safe to say, any stealth gamer will love Hitman 3 for the Xbox Series X and Series S.

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The Medium

The MediumImage source: Amazon

All of the games we’ve recommended so far are too based in the boring old real world. That’s only half of the story in The Medium. This game allows you to exist in both the real world and the spirit world, and it shows those worlds off in stunning detail. The game supports ray tracing, and a 4K resolution on the latest Xbox consoles.

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of ThievesImage source: Amazon

Ever wish you were a pirate, roaming the open seas and climbing the ranks? This game is perfect for you. You and your crew will plunder the vessels on the open water, search for lost ships, and find buried treasure. You’ll have to work together with your team to get the most out of the game, and there’s a good variety of missions to complete.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight SimulatorImage source: Amazon

Microsoft Flight Simulator is easily one of the best games of the year. The game offers beautifully vibrant graphics, and a reproduction of the world, with over 2 million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, mountains, trees, roads, and so on. It’s an incredibly impressive offering from Microsoft, and a great way to play a more relaxing game on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

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