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Which was the worst Windows version ever?

Windows Vista Vs. Windows 8

Microsoft shared a lot more details on Windows 10 on Wednesday and it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic software platform that will make PC fans very happy. Not all Windows versions have been hits, however — the company seems to be stuck in a pattern in which every other version of Windows is beset with controversy of some kind or another.

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So while Windows 98 was well received, many users bashed Windows ME. The same pattern has continued through Windows XP (loved), Windows Vista (hated), Windows 7 (loved) and Windows 8 (hated). These are all broad generalizations, of course, as all of the “hated” versions have their passionate defenders and all of the “loved” versions have their share of critics.

This got us thinking: What are the most loved and hated versions of Windows ever? Yahoo Tech’s Rob Pegoraro has broken down all of the commonly cited flaws in all the major versions of Windows since Windows 3.1 and makes the argument that all of them could be described as “bad” for one reason or another.

We decided to ask our loyal BGR readers to take matters into their own hands, however, which is why we’ve put together two polls that will let you vote for which version of Windows you think is the best and which one you think is the worst. Vote in both of them below!

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