The election is over, the country is responding and here all we can think about is the fact that Windows 3.x is now officially dead and buried. Ok that’s not entirely true, but it really is the end of an era. Windows 3.x, the game-changer that it was, survived for 18 great years though it really hasn’t been relevant for quite a while. Licenses were still available up until a few days ago however, as some systems such as cash registers in dire need of an update still run the classic OS. Look at how sexy this baby was…

System requirements for standard mode are:

  • Intel 80286 (or higher) processor
  • 1 MB or more of memory (640K conventional and 256K extended)
  • 6.5 MB of free disk space (9 MB is recommended)

System requirements for enhanced mode are:

  • Intel 80386 (or higher) processor
  • 2 MB or more of memory (640K conventional and 1024K extended)
  • 8 MB of of free disk space (10.5 MB is recommended)

Oh man, that enhanced mode will get you every time! It takes us back to simpler days when the most powerful computer you had in your elementary school would likely be eaten alive by a basic smartphone of today. Ahh – rest in peace, dear 3.x.

[Via Giz]


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